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What are the Three Principles?

The human operating system

The sweet joy of gaining a deep understanding of the following principles is that you begin to grasp that there is nothing 'out there'. Your entire experience of every aspect of your existence, in the past, present and future lies entirely inside you and never ever 'out there'.

The following principles were first discovered (in the form which is described below) by a humble Edinburgh born welder named Sydney Banks (for more information and background on his life and achievements click here)

The Principle of Mind

The universal intelligence of life. This is the principle that is 'running the show'. It makes sure acorns grow into oak trees, it beats your heart without you putting any thought into it. The birds 'just know' how to fly (with the given exceptions of emus and penguins among others!) due to the universal intelligence of life.

When you give it some thought it really is astonishing. And it all 'just happens' without any intervention from you or I

The Principle of Thought

"Thought is an ability, not a reality"

The Principle of Thought is your ability to create your own personal reality, moment to moment. This reality exists solely for you and is quite unlike anyone else's thought created reality.
You can only ever feel a thought about a circumstance, never the circumstance itself. This is why you can react entirely differently to an external circumstance from one day to the next. You don't feel the circumstance, you feel the quality of your thinking (which changes of it's own accord) and assign it to the circumstance.

The Principle of Consciousness 
Syd Banks described it as that which “gives us the ability to realise the existence of life.”

It is your ability to be aware of a thought created reality. It is your sense of the world around you. It is how you are able to be aware of your thought created reality and how you get to believe it to be 'true and real'. It is your ability to tell yourself a story about the life you perceive through the Principle of Thought.