Clarity 3 Day 1-1 Intensive Retreat

Clarity 3 Day Intensive 1-1 Retreat

Helping you find your peace of mind & your deep, inner resilience – Just imagine waking up day after day with a deep sense of peace and with a clear mind, knowing that you really are going to be perfectly OK no matter what. 

This is how it feels to have a high-quality mental and emotional lifestyle; to be truly at peace with yourself.

Authentically you – Being comfortable in your own skin, being true to yourself, your values, your beliefs (which, as it happens, are some of the most attractive qualities a person can have).

True freedom & abundance – There is something even more powerful than having enough time and enough financial freedom and that is the mental & emotional freedom that is at the very heart of true abundance. Just imagine how much easier it will be to create whatever your heart desires as you begin to realise that all your freedom, all your abundance & all your creative power comes from within?

Passion & purpose – Every person on this planet yearns for a sense of direction. When we seek the path that is “ours & ours alone”, until we find it, it can seem like we are on the sidelines of life. However once you're on track, with your felt passion & a sense of purpose, it's like you have woken up to a new world.

Enlightened success – When you achieve enlightened success you will be living from a deepy embodied understanding of how life really works. You will experience good feelings & a truly vibrant experience of living. You will be far more philosophical about the ups & downs of life. You will have far more fulfilling relationships, you will be able to achieve what you want and have the material successes that make sense to you & a life that’s rich with meaning & purpose.

The Clarity 1:1 Intensive 

The Clarity 1:1 Intensive is an amazing opportunity for you to get more deeply aligned with your own authentic direction, to slow down so that you can truly soar to greater heights and really start living with greater clarity in every aspect of your life. 

Over the course of 3 days, we spend 3-4 sessions per day together, one to one, in order to upgrade your understanding of how life really works. 

What can you can expect? 

You can expect to have profound breakthroughs, to find a fresh, bright, brand new outlook on life. 

Although your experience will be unique to you, many clients find that they emerge with more hours in the day, enhanced relationships, and a sustainable clarity and wellbeing.

The Clarity 1:1 Intensive includes materials and meals and accommodation in a luxury hotel, as well as 12 x 2 hour monthly follow-up sessions…

Price on application 


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